We delivers the highest standards in building maintenance services to our clients each and every day.

About Us

With over 25+ years of experience, Star Property Management emphasises excellence in cleaning, thus delivering Key Performance Indicators that maintain the highest level of satisfaction for our clients.

Star Property Management prides itself on its excellent organisational skills, systems, and controls.

The integration of the Quality Management system, our training programs, our documentation, and our workplace safety and cleaning programs all combine to provide a highly monitored standard of service that delivers a constant and consistent outcome effectively and sustainably of working. [We also create a rewarding and motivating environment for our employees where they are highly valued, engaged, and empowered to deliver exceptional service.

Star property delivers:

  • Consistent approved quality management system
  • Sound record keeping. (open to third Party scrutiny)
  • Staff training- Accredited certificates II & III
  • Asset Maintenance (cleaning operations)
  • OH&S and E.E.O thorough induction through to ongoing training
  • Referees and endorsements.

The Difference (Innovation)

We have set Star Property Management apart devising cleaning system and a business philosophy to ensure our client’s satisfaction through:

  • Our commitment to developing and continually improve quality Management.
  • Our consistency in quality assurance, continual review  of practices and processes.
  • Our internal quality audits, regular inspection of service implementation and tracking preventative actions.
  • Working to strict ISO AS/NZ s 9001/2000 standards.

What we do

Our success is built on trust and communication, and we are completely responsible for the quality of service and reporting on our cleaning services thanks to our Customer Relationship Management online system. We thoroughly assess the cleaning program with attention to detail. 

We partner with our clients and become an integral partner to enhance our clients facilities and add value. 

Unique staff partnership which enables staff ownership and greater rewards through our profit distribution and incentive bonus schemes, resulting in high staff retention and a genuine sense of pride in maintaining high quality cleaning services outcomes.

High quality equipment- industrial vacuum cleaners with 3-stages filtration systems operating turbo power heads for deep concentrated cleaning. -color coding equipment for hygiene and safety. 

Superior filtration to remove particles up to 0.3 of a microns removing such things as dust mites, ensuring greater protection and a healthier environment for your staff. 

Environmental products for a safer more sustainable cleaning service. 

We implement hygienic washroom management programs, supply blue flush sanitizing systems to all toilets, maintain re-odorized” air fresheners, further enhancing freshness to all bathroom areas. 

We take time to customize our cleaning programs to our clients facilities and are committed to provide a cleaning system that is tailored to you. 

We have a proven track record across our Health service clients of attaining the highest accreditation and government standards and to continuous improvement by our monitoring, reporting and measuring process. 

Our commitment is to develop and continually improve quality management is obtain through record keeping, our continual review of practices and processes, internal quality audits, regular inspections of service implementation and tracking of preventative actions. 

Our track record, endorsements and open book policy provide you assurance of our commitment to results, which plays an essential role in our company. We always focus on strict quality control, greater efficiency and lower costs, we are competitive and provide the highest quality ensuring you an excellence in cleaning.

Where Cleaning Meets IT

Star Property Managements Integrated Management Systems (IMS) has been integrated across our Commercial Cleaning & Building Management operation. Star is one of the first Building service organizations in Australia to have an externally audited Integrated Management System.