Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to our FAQ’s below to address some common questions regarding our product range and other general queries from our client base. 

If you have further questions our Support and Sales Team are more than happy to answer our queries you may have. Please Call 1300 889 359

Does Star have Different Cleaning Packages that Clients can choose From?

Star offers a fully customised service for each and every Client. Firstly we will prepare a full Scope of Works to determine what services are actually required. Following the establishment of the Scope of Works Star will provide an obligation free price quote to the Client.

What Does Star Charge for Services?

Our commercial cleaning rates differ due to a few factors. Some things that determine commercial cleaning rates are the size of a business and the type of cleaning services needed as well as how often the client would like cleaning done. We are only too happy glad to discuss your cleaning needs to determine a Scope of Works for your business or site.

What if a Client Simply Needs a Schedule of Basic Cleaning tasks Done on a regular basis?

Star deals with cleaning jobs of all sizes. If a client would like one of our commercial cleaning crews to come in to dust, empty trash cans, or mop the restroom floors on a regular basis, then Star will provide these services. We endeavor to meet the needs of all our clients no matter how large or small.

Why Do Star NOT Use Sub-Contractors?

We determined early in our history that in order to maintain our consistency of quality that we expect at Star then we needed to employ and train our own staff to meet our high standards.

What Training Does Star Provide Its Cleaning Staff?

SPM also operate Alpha Star Training and Recruitment which provides tailored training for commercial cleaning companies. Our staff have Nationally Recognized Training Qualifications which are overseen by the Victorian Registration and Qualification Authority.

What Experience Does Star Have?

For over 20 years Star Property Management (“SPM”) has been at the forefront of innovation in cleaning services across Melbourne and Regional Victoria.

What Days and Hours Do You Operate?

Star operates 365 days a year, and much of our cleaning services are provided after normal business hours. Tell us your timing requirements, and we’ll work to accommodate your schedule.

Do You Supply The Cleaning Equipment and Cleaning Products?

Almost always, we do, and we deliver the most effective and environmentally safe products on the market. If you have a special product you want or need us to use, just let us know.

Do You Use Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products?

We certainly do. Our cleaning products are natural, non-toxic, safe and effective – providing a healthier outcome for your staff and ours, as well as the environment.

How Do Clients Contact Star if They have a Problem or Question?

Star can be contacted by telephone, email, or via our Client Portal.

What is Your Client Portal Used For?

Our Client Portal provides a total history of your account with us. This includes Site Surveys, Work Order, Maintenance and Work Records, Ticketing Systems, Support and a number of internal functions to ensure our Clients are fully informed as to any of our activities or recommendations.

Where Cleaning Meets IT

Star Property Managements Integrated Management Systems (IMS) has been integrated across our Commercial Cleaning & Building Management operation. Star is one of the first Building service organizations in Australia to have an externally audited Integrated Management System.